New opportunities, new market will usher in another spring steel industry

  date:2015-08-12 17:32:16

In our country is gradually developing with each passing day, and gradually moving towards internationalization, but also have to face a harsh reality, as the machine tool casting manufacturing enterprises face: Technology in the continuous progress, and very significant.

Today's steel casting industry has intensified global competition, massive layoffs in the past three years, the domestic steel casting market recovery and skilled workers shortage, a number of factors superimposed together, forming a new round of storms, forcing domestic steel casting manufacturers must improve their level, with less people, and less resources to produce higher quality products, but also to promote their technological innovation, promote machine tool castings manufacturers design new, high-speed, multi axis, multi-function, automation equipment, these improvements include adding new models, improve the efficiency and quality, etc.. While the high-end casting equipment due to the more rapid, more efficient, and thus the future market demand will be more, China's steel industry also need to increase the pace of efforts, so as to better development.

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