Well done the production of the existing casting will be transformed into high added value castings

  date:2015-08-20 10:08:50

There are many domestic and foreign examples of high added value castings, but a large number of production of a wide range of applications, after all, the number is small, the volume is not large, can not meet the needs of the vast number of foundry production. Therefore, it is more important to do the production of the existing castings, the ordinary cast into high value-added castings. If your production of machine parts, auto parts, engineering machinery parts, agricultural machinery parts, mines or railway locomotive parts, but your production of casting surface quality is good, good stability, chemical composition and microstructure stability and mechanical properties to meet the required service technical conditions, high size precision, small machining allowance, and relatively light weight, good machining performance, stable quality, castings with good homogeneity and casting yield rate is high, low production cost, high benefit, your casting is the high-tech content and high added value castings. China has a considerable number of intermediate frequency furnace smelting production of casting enterprises, production of automobile parts and machine tools, etc., but the quality is high, good efficiency, high added value, with a great development.

In recent years, our country casting quality although greatly improved, but overall, whether it is the appearance of the surface quality, dimensional accuracy, or the inherent chemical composition, microstructure, with the industrial developed countries there is a big gap compared to. Therefore, our production cast big parts machining allowance and heavy weight, poor dimensional stability, large fluctuations of material properties, the stability of product quality and homogeneity is hard to be guaranteed. To some extent, this situation has affected the level of the mechanical products and equipment and the reputation of the export products. Therefore, it is an urgent task for China to improve the quality of castings. Because of poor stability and poor consistency, the average export price of Chinese castings is lower. China casting and the United Kingdom, the European castings in the international market, the equivalent of 1 / 2 to 30 / 1 due to transportation costs, tariffs and other expenses, in fact, the sale price of export castings is still low. After 30 years of reform and opening up, China's foundry enterprises have a great development. China's foundry industry has the world's most advanced technology and equipment, China's foundry industry is fully equipped with the ability to develop and produce high added value castings.

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