Steel castings industry to actively carry out upgrading

  date:2015-08-20 10:10:04

In our country, the annual output of steel castings has reached 11000000 T, and the modeling of the main part of the production of the sand is mainly from the hard sand, ester hardening alkali phenolic resin self hardening sand, ester hardening water glass sand. One of the 8000000 t cast steel parts using water glass sand molding (core) process, and the rest for the alkali phenol and the resin sand, etc.. Because of the high quality, high quality, high precision and high performance requirements for large scale hydro generator and thermal power generator, it is difficult to meet the requirements of high quality, high precision and high performance. Many large and medium sized steel castings have been adopted. With the continuous development of clean, energy saving, light weight, digital and intelligent, it has become the focus of research and development of steel industry, low carbon emissions, energy saving and low pollution.

The large steel casting surface sand using chromite sand and other special sand, the sand sand prices much higher than the. Therefore, the separation technology of regeneration system of chromite sand and quartz sand is also a key technology. But there is a pearl sand instead of zircon sand in the casting moulding core will be used.
 At present, ester hardening water glass sand has been recognized as the most likely to achieve the production of green sand molding process of cast steel casting. It is colorless, tasteless, non-toxic, in mixed sand, molding, casting and sand production process has no pungent smell and toxic gas produced, no harm to human body, as well as good casting performance, etc., in the foundry industry is generally recognized. But the only drawback is that it is difficult to regenerate, resulting in larger solid pollution. If we can solve the problem of the regeneration of water glass sand, water glass sand casting will be the first to enter the ranks of the green casting, and the most important is realizing foundry equipment improvement and upgrading.

In the face of the future of China's high-end and large steel castings in the field of huge demand, foreign manufacturers are accelerating the development and expansion of the production capacity of intelligent foundry equipment in order to win the Chinese market share, domestic enterprises should seize the opportunity to take positive measures to meet the challenges in the competition.

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