The basic technology of large steel castings is an important part of the quality and efficiency

  date:2015-08-27 09:45:47

Due to the complexity of the foundry enterprise itself, the main problems in the energy saving section is the formulation and implementation of the examination rules.

With the fierce market competition, the cost control is becoming more and more important, because of the complexity of the foundry enterprise itself, it is considered that the main problems in the energy saving section is the formulation and implementation of the examination rules. In the implementation process is very difficult to define the use of the raw material cost proportion, such as the use of sand and other raw materials, how to save, energy consumption is how much the most reasonable, how to assess the and so on. The ultimate goal is to implement the system of management, the formation of a part of the corporate culture.
Process design is cast on the basis of the enterprise technology, process design and reasonable use cold iron and selection of insulating riser, can reduce the amount of liquid steel; cold iron one-time investment can be recovered and utilized repeatedly; relationship between insulation riser procurement costs and savings of liquid steel cost to fully consider; process simulation and Application of effective inspection process design, to avoid the waste of raw materials, improve the process a qualified probability. With the popularization and application of the casting simulation technology, the process design has become more simple, simple and efficient. Most technicians to how to meet the quality requirements are listed as the first element, should break the traditional ideas of process, not only to provide only a riser, cold iron, gating system, machining allowance, sort of sand and the design of basic parameters, but also to extended to product manufacturing process involving safety, cost, the actual production can operate the three important factors. Good process design requires that we must take the quality, safety, cost, practical production can be considered, because the purpose of the enterprise exists is to pursue profit, which factor is not good will cause damage.
Machining allowance leaning Congress to increase the casting hot section and the subsequent selection of large modulus size of riser, relatively increases the amount of liquid steel, increase the cost of production. The purpose of the casting is to meet the requirements of the use of parts, is a basic forming process, the process design is in accordance with the manual or the unit of the standard to design the reserve margin, there is a certain general. Scientific and reasonable machining allowance should be according to the type of product to classification: one is according to the parts of the design to reduce the machining allowance; second, according to the enterprise itself sand raw materials and coatings to improve the quality of the surface to reduce the machining allowance; the third is the rational design of sand core filling materials, improve deformability and ensure the casting dimension to theoretical shrinkage to reduce machining allowance.
The development direction of the casting technology in the future should be based on the advanced technology, perfect the computer numerical simulation technology, combined with 3D printing technology, more close to the actual production. Should give full consideration to the safety, environmental protection, reasonable selection of raw materials, foundry, production process control, appearance structure, process and material selection, casting, solidification process simulation, so that process design tends to be more reasonable, production process more clear, clear, improve the accuracy and practical application of process design, and ultimately achieve the purpose of quality and efficiency.

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