The boss of the steel-casting foundry is not worried about the end of the year.

  date:2015-10-21 14:16:05

New and old two chairman let the worry is that in the first half of the year, the most difficult without orders, production

workshop almost never stopped production, plant more than 140 staff did not leave, layoffs, production 24 hours a

day, but troubling thing is factory in the non-stop production, profits are always also not to. Mr. Chen told reporters: "you

wouldn't believe, in 2013, per ton, ex factory of heat-resisting alloy steel castings can be sold to 6 million yuan, which

can earn 2 million yuan; and this year per ton casting producer price is 5 million yuan, the sounds and 2013 when not

too wide difference don't, profit and 2013 compared is a world of difference, profit is only 1000 yuan. In 2014 the profit

of the per ton of 2013 was 20 times as compared with that in."
Mr. Chen told reporters, from the point of view of annual production capacity of workshop, you know what the problem

is not in the yield, because net profit in 2013 11.45 million yuan, total output value of more than 7000 million yuan,

annual production more than 900 tons; and in early 2014 so far, profit is just and losses in the first half of offset, but

still did not from negative to positive, total output value for 35 million yuan. Look at the 2014 and 2013 compared to half

of the difference from the total output value, output is only 300 tons, but the profits cannot be mentioned in the same

However, with the economic environment of the transformation, steel mills from the second half felt the change,

orders have increased, profit gradually rose, from October began to date, the profit has been basically half of the first

half of the loss, this is the recent comparison of things." Mr. Chen told reporters that although the increase in profit

after October and the environment related, but before their efforts have played a positive role. In the first half of the

time, the profit fell sharply, shareholders began to find reasons, technical personnel to accelerate the development of

new castings, we plant the original production of casting mainly for cement plant, the development of new castings

are also based on customer demand for cement plant. On this basis, we also strive to develop a new type of

customer needs, greatly increasing the order." Chen Lin said, the old chairman and technical personnel in the factory

for most of the time to study, to study the new casting.

This year, Mr. Chen insisted on the production, regardless of the cost of fixed costs, production costs, variable costs

rose much higher, even if the profit is meager, has not changed their business philosophy, and has never been

delayed customer orders, this has won a good reputation. "What to do next is to continue to increase the sales staff, to

cast a wide net; internally to increase income and reduce expenditure, in addition to still pay attention to production,

the employees in the production of waste strict management; but also vigorously hired employees have culture, and

understand technology." Chen Lin just took office in 2015 is full of expectations, with the economic recovery, steel

mills will be better business.

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