Wing three steel steelmaking factory introduction of slag pot diaphragm process authors more than 3 million yuan

  date:2015-12-21 16:50:00
    It is understood that in recent years, always to promote energy conservation and emissions reduction and the structure of the varieties of steel gear upgrades, as industrial material varieties and yield increased, steelmaking slag produced by a large number of tuo doesn't rely on artificial burn oxygen treatment problem increasingly prominent. Among them, three wing steel steelmaking factory production of high carbon steel, Japanese standard of high carbon steel, cold heading steel, steel demand is high, the quality of product more than steel ladle in the process of production need to do some note to ensure the quality of molten steel purity, but a small amount of remaining yu gang into the slag pot after mixed with steel slag, slag leads to slag tank tuo increase. Due to large slag tuo volume and wrapped in liquid steel and slag pot to stew slag after the workshop, slag tuo broken only by artificial burn oxygen. This processing method is time-consuming and laborious and expend energy, in addition, in the process of burning oxygen also produces a large number of rust-worn gears flaking, will affect the surrounding environment.
    In order to solve the technology problem, wing steel steelmaking three factory with the company's technology through research and feasibility analysis, finally decided to introduce slag pot partition implement technology innovation. Permanent steel steelmaking three factory to introduce the lining of the 10 sets of slag pot trials, the effect is better. After trial and error accumulation of operating experience, now the factory start mass use. By use of the new technology, the slag tank of steel slag has the massive separation before solidification, wait for the double slag pot, steel slag is solidified in small patches, namely both reduced the braised slag processing workshop, greatly reduce the labor costs and oxygen consumption, and will not pollute the environment. According to measure, since the implementation of the measures for enterprises to reduce the production cost 3 million yuan of above.
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